Soccer Club of Newington

Soccer Club of Newington Urgent Alert!!!


1. Every player is required to treat all teammates and all team staff with respect and courtesy during all
practices and games.
2. Players will have a positive attitude.
3. Playing time will not be equal for U12 and up. 50% playing time per week (assuming 2 games on same
weekend) is strongly encouraged for U11 and under players.
4. Players will be on time for practices and games.
5. A player that cannot attend practice will contact the coach BEFOREHAND.
6. Player attendance and effort will factor into earned playing time.
7. Injured players will attend practices and games to learn from observation. If sick use your own judgment.
Coach must be notified before practice if a player is not attending due to illness.
8. All practices and games are on until you hear from a member of the team staff. Fields being closed does not
mean that practice is cancelled, we have other options.
9. No jewelry allowed at practices or games.
10. Cell phones turned off or on vibrate in your bag when at practices and games.
11. Players will always have a soccer ball in their bag. Preferably fully inflated.
12. Players will have a pair of sneakers/running shoes in their bag at all times.
13. Players may not enter the field for practice and games unless they are properly dressed. Shirts tucked in all
the way around, shorts rolled one time or less, socks pulled up, and cleats tied.
14. Players will always have both colored uniform shirts in the bag on game days.
15. Cleats are to be clean for all practices and games.
16. Proper attire is REQUIRED for practices and games.
*** Failure to follow any or all of the above listed team rules may result in any of the following: early
dismissal from practice, suspension from game(s), or removal from the team. ***


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